Trump and Balfour Compared

By James J. Zogby | Global Research | 02/06/20 Much has already been written about the Trump administration’s release of its long-awaited plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace. I will not repeat the criticisms. Instead, I will focus on what I found to be the striking and disturbing parallels between this Trump “Deal of the Century” andContinue reading “Trump and Balfour Compared”

Why Israel’s So-Called “Occupation” of “Palestinian Territories” is a Farce

By Miko Peled | MintPress News | 01/16/20 The occupation. A phrase commonly used when speaking about the injustices taking place in Palestine. It is a phrase that limits the discussion to a small part of Palestine and to only a portion of the Palestinian people. The occupation only exists in the two small areasContinue reading “Why Israel’s So-Called “Occupation” of “Palestinian Territories” is a Farce”

What Constitutes Fair and Unfair Criticism of Israel

By Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Wilfrid Laurier University | The Conversation | 12/09/19 | Canada recently voted at the United Nations for the establishment of a Palestinian state. At the same time, Canada reiterated its position that there were too many UN resolutions about Israel. Canada argued that these resolutions unfairly singled out Israel for criticism. Nevertheless, Israel’s ambassadorContinue reading “What Constitutes Fair and Unfair Criticism of Israel”