Welcome to DCPeriodical! In these turbulent times, truth is hard to come by, while fabrications are easily acquired. Through a disciplined practice of research, utilizing evidence-based logic and skeptical objectivity, let us dissect the stories that make up our ‘news’ to see what truth, if any, can be found.

Join DCPeriodical in the quest for creating an informed society that lives and loves in a world governed by logic, truth, freedom, liberty, and peace on earth!

As the Story Goes…

Based out of Vancouver, BC, DCPeriodical (Danny C’s Periodical) officially launched in November of 2019 with ambitions of becoming a trustable, fully sourced, fact-based source of alternative news media, allowing readers to educate and inform themselves of the world around them through access to stories that government, private, and corporate-interest media networks fail to deliver correctly — if at all — be it intentionally to protect or push narratives and agendas which serve their special interests, or unintentionally due to lack of journalistic integrity and ability. Either way, we aim to fix the problem the public faces when it comes to locating dependable information by providing it with no partisan bias.

DCPeriodical’s Goals and Values

The goals and values of this publication are quite simple.

We strive to expose and debunk the corporate and government corruption — which commonly go hand-in-hand — that is currently destroying our global society and our planet, holding all transgressors accountable for every crime and abuse of power they have thus far successfully avoided justice for, and those crimes and abuses of power that will occur in the future.

We strive to expose and debunk the constant agenda-based lies told by the mainstream media, who merely act as mouthpieces for those very corporate and government figures whose corruption we previously stated as our primary targets of debunking and exposure.

We strive to help in the battles against tyranny, fascism, totalitarianism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and discrimination based on religion, culture, political belief, or personal beliefs or expressions of any kind, so long as those beliefs or expressions don’t infringe on the rights of anyone else.

We strive to make honesty, no matter how brutal, a norm in society, rather than a rarity, pushing the scientific method — logic based experimentation, testing, reasoning, and concluding based on the results given — as the only way for every individual to honestly navigate and understand their reality, regardless of prior indoctrinations, dogmas and biases. There is, after all, only one truth in every situation, and it must be recognized no matter what that means to our past beliefs, wants, hopes, and assumptions.

Most importantly, we strive to be a force for peace in this world. DCPeriodical is 100% anti-violence and 100% anti-war. That is an unwavering platform.

If these are platforms and values you can agree with, then we happily count you personally as one of us and are glad to have you aboard!

What is Published

DCPeriodical publishes original content written and created by our own contributors, while also publishing handpicked articles from partnered publications, news sites and blogs, as well as articles and videos from publications, channels, and writers from whom we have received republishing permissions, and lastly, from publications and sites listed as Creative Commons.

The articles and videos DCPeriodical publishes are not decided by political partisanship. Left, right, or anywhere in between, we have published pieces from every area. The articles are picked based on their merit, their ability to substantiate the claims within them, and their relevance to our above stated goals and values.

Republishing Permisions

Except for books and ebooks, all of DCPeriodical’s original articles and videos on this website are available for republishing, so long as the author is given full credit and a link back to the original article or video is included before the body text of the piece being republished.

Our Revenue:

Ads are shown on this website, this at times includes sponsored articles, which will always be labelled as such, but are designed to not interfere with your visiting experience. These, of course, generate next to nothing revenue wise, but do a little to help in the costs of keeping and maintaining this web domain.

As independent media, we depend on the contributions of our readers to continue. You can become a patron by donating here. A monthly donation of as low as $5 from every one of our readers would keep this operation running rapidly with constant research and content being produced. But, if you are unable to donate monetarily, that’s okay! You can help out enormously by sharing our articles, liking the Facebook Page, following on Twitter, and subscribing to the DCPeriodical Youtube channel!