Netanyahu Officially Indicted on Corruption Charges, Can’t Blame Antisemitism This Time

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 01/28/20

Well, it’s going to be hard for old Bibi to wage his famous “anti-Semite” defense against those who have stood up to him for his crimes this time, because those people are officials inside his own government.

After withdrawing his request for immunity, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has been formally indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust over allegations that he granted hundreds of millions of dollars worth of state favors to Israeli media moguls in return for gifts and bias coverage.

Any time Israel under Netanyahu has been criticized, be it by UN officials, US lawmakers, UK politicians, journalists, or the International Criminal Court (who is currently investigating Israel for war crimes), whoever, the prime minister has always auto-responded with charges of antisemitism as if it’s involuntary — like Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo. This time, with his fellow Israeli officials being the ones attempting to bring him to justice, in Trump-fashion he is simply playing the part of an innocent victim subject to a left-wing “witch hunt,” showing he is completely unable to take responsibility for his criminal actions as a leader or as a man.

Israel’s longest-serving prime minister issued a statement on Facebook on Tuesday, saying the immunity proceedings in parliament would have been a “circus” and he did not want to take part in a “dirty game”.

Al Jazeera

Originally, when the charges were made public, Netanyahu tried to claim immunity from them, shamelessly arguing that since he is the prime minister he should essentially be above the law.

Israel’s parliament, known as the Knesset, was set to debate this request and expected to reject it. As elections are nearing, Netanyahu feared the rejection would deal a major blow to his campaign and withdrew his request. Israel’s attorney general filed the indictment almost immediately.

Israeli media reported he really had no choice but to withdraw his request.

“Netanyahu hates to be the loser,” said Israeli columnist Akiva Eldar. “He wanted the immunity and he wasn’t able to get it. He stood no chance. He doesn’t have a majority in the Knesset to get the immunity.”

The prime minister’s chief rival, Benny Gantz, who leads the Blue and White alliance, said in a statement: “Netanyahu is going to trial – we must go forward.”

“Nobody could run a country and simultaneously manage three serious criminal charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust,” he added.

Despite his manipulative tactics to control narratives through his bought-and-paid-for connections in the media, Ayman Odeh — leader of the Joint List of Arab parties in the Knesset — said that “no diplomatic public relations stunt in the world” would be able to spare Netanyahu from justice this time.

In June Bibi’s wife Sara Netanyahu was indicted on charges of misusing state funds.

Sara Netanyahu stands accused of ordering hundreds of meals using government funds to the prime minister’s residence totaling over $100,000. At the same time she deceptively claimed the residence had no cook, even though there was a cook employed on the state’s dime, presumably in order to keep the expensive outside ordered meals coming and to avoid exposure. 


If convicted, Netanyahu, the fascist despot who claimed to have America wrapped around his finger when he thought the cameras weren’t rolling back in 2012, will face a possible three years for his fraud and breach of trust charges and a maximum of 10 years for his bribery charges.

When the news was released, Netanyahu was in America with his puppet Donald Trump drawing up a “peace plan” between Israel and the people it has displaced, conquered, and occupied since 1947, the people of Palestine. The plan is a recipe for apartheid. You can see the details here:

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