FBI to MLK: You Have 34 Days to Kill Yourself

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 01/20/20

Professor of American history at Yale, Dr. Beverly Gage, was thumbing through documents at the National Library in 2014 when she stumbled upon an official FBI document that drew her full attention. Upon closer inspection, it became clear what she was looking at — and it was incredibly disturbing.

It was a copy of a letter written by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI in November 1964 that they’d sent to civil rights hero Martin Luther King, Jr. — though it was presented as if were written by a disgruntled African-American.

The demands were clear within the letter. If King didn’t want his many extramarital affairs exposed to the public, he had 34 days to kill himself.

‘This exact number has been selected for a specific reason,’ the letter read, ‘it has definite practical significance.’

Significance, indeed. It was dated 34 days before Christmas.

Of course, Since 1958 the FBI had followed King with every step he took and had bugged most of the phones he ever came in contact with. They knew full well about his one weakness — women.

As a preacher, doctor, and inspirational hero to millions around the world — a social fixture of morality and a challenger to a rotten establishment — the FBI hoped that if King were threatened to be exposed as an adulterer, as the unquestioned leader of the Civil Rights Movement, he would sacrifice himself for that movement to continue untarnished.

Here we should give pause as it must be understood how important Martin Luther King was to the Civil Rights Movement, and therefore how much of a threat he was considered by the powers-that-be.

There was a mass awaking taking place in the 1960’s, and King, with his exceptionally powerful, well reasoned, perfectly articulated, and incredibly moving orations was at the helm, exposing the poison within the system that only benefited the evil men parasitcally depleting it for their own personal power and control.

By waking the masses up, and forcing them to look at the corruption around them for what it truly was, King posed a massive threat to those who benefited off that corruption, and so a very active campaign to ruin him took place that ran strong right up until the moment he was shot to death.

1964 NY Herald Tribune article

Sitting alone in the National Library that night, Beverly Gage was disgusted with what she was reading.

As she’d find out later, the letter had actually been available to the public for decades. But that version, released by the government through an FOIA request, had been so heavily redacted that researchers couldn’t make sense of it. Gage, by complete accident, solved the mystery as to why by discovering the unredacted version.

The language in the correspondence was venomous, continuously calling King a ‘fraud,’ and at at one point threatening that ‘like all frauds, your end is approaching.’

The American public, the church organizations that have been helping — Protestant, Catholic and Jews will know you for what you are — an evil, abnormal beast. So will others who have backed you. You are done.

King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is. You have just 34 days in which to do it (this exact number has been selected for a specific reason, it has definite practical significance). You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.

As we know, the operation didn’t work. King received a package containing the letter and pictures of him with other women. But he didn’t falter. His popularity grew and so did his impact.

Although the FBI’s attempts to discredit King were unsuccessful, that doesn’t mean modern intelligence agencies have given up on similar tactics.


Just over three years after the letter was written, on April 4th, 1968, King was shot to death by a sniper as he stood outside of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN.

That June an escaped fugitive named James Earl Ray was arrested as the lone gunman responsible. He pled guilty under the advice of his lawyer, who told him he would serve a small sentence. Instead he was given 99 years in prison. He would later state he was tricked and used as a patsy before he died of liver failure.

Many others were also never satisfied with the official explanation that Ray acted alone; especially the King family.

Finally, in 1999, after decades of gathering evidence, Martin Luther King’s family took a Memphis motel owner named Lloyd Jowers, the Memphis Police Department, and the United States Government to court alleging they all took part in a conspiracy to assassinate King.

And they won.

The King Center’s official statement:

After four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses in a civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, twelve jurors reached a unanimous verdict on December 8, 1999 after about an hour of deliberations that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. In a press statement held the following day in Atlanta, Mrs. Coretta Scott King welcomed the verdict, saying , “There is abundant evidence of a major high level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband, Martin Luther King, Jr. And the civil court’s unanimous verdict has validated our belief. I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury and I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations. This verdict is not only a great victory for my family, but also a great victory for America. It is a great victory for truth itself. It is important to know that this was a SWIFT verdict, delivered after about an hour of jury deliberation.

The jury was clearly convinced by the extensive evidence that was presented during the trial that, in addition to Mr. Jowers, the conspiracy of the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies, were deeply involved in the assassination of my husband. The jury also affirmed overwhelming evidence that identified someone else, not James Earl Ray, as the shooter, and that Mr. Ray was set up to take the blame. I want to make it clear that my family has no interest in retribution. Instead, our sole concern has been that the full truth of the assassination has been revealed and adjudicated in a court of law… My husband once said, “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” To-day, almost 32 years after my husband and the father of my four children was assassinated, I feel that the jury’s verdict clearly affirms this principle. With this faith, we can begin the 21st century and the new millennium with a new spirit of hope and healing.”


Though the media has actively blacked out the King’s victory against the government for the murder of their fallen patriarch — even using Snopes to muddy the waters — you can read the official court documents of the trial yourself by clicking here.

By bringing this to your attention this Martin Luther King Day, we hope to not only show the strength of this hero of nonviolent revolution, but the depths those who fought against him were willing to go, and are still willing to go.

In honour of the great doctor, we proudly follow in his footsteps and continue to fight, through nonviolent resistance, against the evil powers still grasping at power today. We hope all will join.

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