Epstein Accuser Says She Was Shown to Trump at 14: “This is a Good One, Right?”

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 01/18/20

Another woman has recently come forward claiming to have been a victim of pedophile and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein beginning when she was just 13-years-old.

“Jane Doe,” as she is referred to in her court papers against Epstein’s estate and his fugitive partner Ghislaine Maxwell, says she was first recruited while doing voice training at Michigan’s Interlochen Arts Camp in 1994.

The duo quickly took her under their wing, taking her to movies and on shopping trips in her home state of Florida and all the while grooming her for abuse, the Manhattan federal court suit says.

Epstein “started to slowly display his pedophilic ways when shopping with Doe and Maxwell.

Instead of letting Doe pick out clothes she wanted to wear, Epstein insisted that she pick out and wear little children’s cotton underwear,” the suit says.

NY Times

Starting with Epstein pulling her into his lap and masterbating, “Doe” was repeatedly raped for years at his many properties — Palm Beach, New York City and his New Mexico ranch, as well as on his infamous “Lolita Express” private jet.

When she was 17, “Doe” alleges that after Epstein asked if she had a boyfriend, he threw her down on her stomach and raped her, justifying it by telling her that “when she did have a boyfriend she would want the sex to be ‘good’ and that she should ‘get it over with already,’ meaning lose her virginity.”

Most interesting, the suit also alleges that in 1995, a 14-year-old Doe was introduced to Epstein’s pal Donald Trump:

The court papers also claim Epstein introduced her to President Trump when she was 14 years old, allegedly elbowing Trump and saying, “This is a good one, right?”

“Trump smiled and nodded in agreement,” the suit states.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s name has come up in relation to Epstein and child rape.

In 2016 another “Jane Doe” sued co-defendants “Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein” for multiple rapes she alleges took place at the hands of Trump when she was a teen sex slave of Epstein’s.

According to those documents, the plaintiff alleges that once after tying her to a bed and raping her, Trump threatened to kill her family if she ever leaked a word of what happened.

That case was thrown out of court when the plaintiff was unable to pay her legal fees.

You can read those court papers here:

The new Jane Doe joins a list of over a dozen victims seeking restitution from Epstein’s estate and Ghislaine Maxwell, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

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