Iran Now Says American Hacking Brought Down Flight 752, Video of 2nd Missile Emerges

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 01/16/20

The story keeps changing! It’s like asking a child with crumbs all over his face who ate the last cookie.

Video has emerged allegedly showing that a second missile was launched from Iran at Flight PS752 last week — both missiles apparently hitting the plane and costing nearly 200 lives, dozens of those Canadian.

At first Iran refused to hand over the black boxes from the flight, while claiming the plane went down due to engine failure. They then admitted one of their missiles was accidentally fired at it when the flight came too close to one of their military bases hours after they had attacked US targets in Iraq and were still on high alert.

Those lies and the eventual admission of negligent guilt led to anti-government protests on the streets in Tehran that are still going on days later. Now the story is changing, at least from some officials, even more.

Iran Guardian Council chairman Ahmad Jannati stated Wednesday that “enemy sabotage” cannot be ruled out, while Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi directly suggested that US military forces hacked Iran’s radar systems to make it appear that the airliner, containing 176 people, was an incoming missile.

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These new assertions, which seem to be evidence-free excuses, come a day or two after Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani demanded his officials explain why it took so long to announce the real cause of the tragedy. Answers now seem to be coming in from every which way, though they differ from each other drastically. The common thread: America is to blame.

Rouhani himself added to his statements that the flight downing traces “back to America,” which in a sense is true. America initiated the tense climate that led to the plane being struck, but there is certainly no evidence – at least as of yet – to accuse America of having hacked into Iran’s military databases as General Ali Abdollahi suggested. For now this seems to be the most far-fetched excuse submitted.

Despite the blame game causing fingers to be pointed outside of Iran’s borders, several military members have been arrested inside of them for their involvement.

Iran’s official position on the incident still remains that the apparent attack was the result of negligence, and Western intelligence still agrees with that assessment, though probes by Ukrainian officials are also set to take place immediately to dig even further.

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