Update: Trump Advisor, Clinton Donor Pleads Guilty to Charges of CP & Worse

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/04/19 | Updated 01/14/20 |

*UPDATE (01/14/20):

On Monday, George Nader pled guilty to two charges, one related to child pornography and the other for “bringing a 14-year-old boy to the United States for sex,” according to the Washington Post.

A wealthy Lebanese American businessman with long-standing political influence in Washington and the Middle East, Nader faces at least a decade in federal prison after his guilty plea in federal court in Alexandria, Va.

While the charges carry a maximum penalty of 30 years, prosecutors in the Eastern District of Virginia agreed to recommend the mandatory minimum of 10 years.

His sentencing is set for the tenth of April.

Nader still faces charges for funneling funds to political campaigns, as outlined in the story below from last month.


Washington lobbyist George Nader — a convicted pedophile tasked by Donald Trump to act as an intermediary between the White House, the Saudis, and UAE — has been indicted on 53 counts of illegalities by US prosecutors.

Most notably, Nader was charged with funneling upwards of $3.5 million in illegal contributions to organizations supporting 2016 presidential candidates — namely Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — through a third party, a Lebanese-American businessman named Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, who faces 35 counts for his participation in the conspiracy.

From Politico:

The Justice Department refers only to an unidentified 2016 presidential candidate, but campaign finance records make clear that the candidate was Clinton.


From the Washington Post:

A statement released by the Justice Department did not name the committees or candidates. But federal donor records show that Khawaja is a major political contributor, who, since 2016, personally gave $3 million to Democratic candidates and groups — including $1 million to Priorities USA, the main super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — and $1 million to President Trump’s inaugural fund.

Washington Post.

Six others — Roy Boulos, Rudy Dekermenjian, Mohammad “Moe” Diab, Rani El-Saadi, Stevan Hill and Thayne Whipple — have been ‘charged with conspiring with Khawaja and each other to make conduit campaign contributions and conceal excessive contributions,’ U.S. authorities said.

Khawaja’s donations earned him access to Clinton during the 2016 campaign and a post-election Oval Office visit with Trump, the Associated Press reported in a 2018 investigation. At that time, Khawaja; the payment processing company he founded, Allied Wallet; and top executives had contributed at least $6 million to Democratic and Republican candidates and groups.

Washington Post.

According to the indictment, Khawaja and his wife made the contributions through their own names and their payment processing company Allied Wallet, when in fact, Nader was the one producing the money.

According to prosecutors, Nader was doing so on behalf of ‘a foreign government’ which he was reporting ‘his efforts to gain influence’ to throughout the operation.

According to the Washington Post, during this time Hillary ‘Clinton apparently attended numerous events, including small gatherings, with Nader, who on July 19, 2016, messaged the foreign official a photograph of him’ and her with Bill Clinton.

The indictment quotes an alleged encrypted message that Nader sent an official from Foreign Country A...after Khawaja contributed $275,000 and invited Nader to attend an April 16, 2016, event for presidential Candidate 1.

“Wonderful meeting with the Big Lady . . . Can’t wait to tell you about it,” Nader allegedly wrote, in an apparent reference to Clinton.

Washington Post.

Aside from his close ties with the Saudis and United Arab Emirates, George Nader also faces legal troubles over charges for the transporting of child porn pictures and videos found on three of his cellphones, including some depicting beastiality. Some videos, according to Law & Crime, ‘depicted children as young as 3.’

These videos were found by agents questioning Nader for Robert Mueller’s failed Russiagate investigation. They nabbed Nader at Dulles airport on his way to meet President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in January 2018, saw the CP, and let him walk free until his arrest in June of 2019.

As the Washington Post reported in June:

A key witness in the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III traveled from abroad to the United States four times to speak to agents, despite having provided them with a phone that the government says contained child pornography, his attorneys said Friday.

Washington Post.

Nader — demonstrably a friend to Clinton and Trump, just like Jeffrey Epstein — also pled guilty to trafficking child porn way back in 1991, and has been a documented pedophile for nearly thirty years now.

But that’s not all. Nader also served time in Prague in 2003 for ’10 cases of sexually abusing minors…between 1999 and 2002,’ according to court spokeswoman Marketa Puci. For these disgusting crimes he somehow only received a one year sentence.

In one case, Nader requested oral sex from a 14-year-old in a room at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, Puci said. After the boy refused, Nader masturbated in front of the boy and paid him 2,000 koruna — worth about $100 today, she said.

-AP News.

My only question is, how many close connections of Trump and the Clintons need to be exposed as notorious pedophiles and child traffickers before the mainstream media starts asking the right questions? Well, that’s Hastert, Silsby, Maxwell, Epstein, and Nader — to name a few off the top of my head. My guess? There is no limit.

There’s never a dull moment in American politics.

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