Rockets Hit Baghdad’s Greenzone Holding US Embassy

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 01/08/20

While no word of casualties have been reported, multiple rockets have been confirmed to have been fired inside Baghdad’s fortified Greenzone, home of the US Embassy in Iraq.

From CNN:

(CNN)Two rockets landed inside the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, home of the US Embassy in Iraq, on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Iraqi military.

Fox News reporter Trey Yingst, located in Baghdad, tweeted out that sirens were blaring in Baghdad before the missiles struck.

The attacks come a day after Iran launched over a dozen missiles at US targets in Iraq, and after President Donald Trump drew back his recent aggressions by stating to the nation he seeks to “de-escalate tensions” between the US and Iran.

It is believed today’s attacks were launched from Iranian-backed PMF fighters Kata’ib Hezbollah.

Word from Iraq’s coalition forces have confirmed there were “no casualties or damage to the facilities” in the attacks in which “small rockets” impacted between the US Embassy and other government buildings.

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