Iran Eulogist Puts $80 Million Hit Out on “Crazy, Yellowed Haired Man” Donald Trump’s Head on State TV

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 01/05/20 |

An unnamed speaker at the four day funeral for assassinated Iranian General Qasem Soleimani put out an $80 million dollar contract on US President Donald Trump’s head on live television.

German news site Bild and Al Arabiya English, a Saudi Arabian publication, have both confirmed the story to be true. The declared bounty is aimed at exacting revenge after Iran’s most beloved leader — save the Ayatollah — was murdered in Baghdad at the President’s direct order.

Al Arabiya reported on January 5, 2020 that “the eulogist at the funeral procession of prominent Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani in Iran put an 80-million-dollar prize on US President Donald Trump’s head on live state TV.


“We are 80 million Iranians,” the unnamed man reasoned with the crowds. “If each one of us puts aside one American dollar, we will have 80 million American dollars, and we will reward anyone who brings us [Trump’s] head with that amount,”

Another speaker at the funeral shouted that President Trump is a “crazy, yellow haired man” before shrieking “down with the US!” and assuring Israel, who signed a secret deal with the US in December 2017 to “tackle Iran,” that “every single drop of our tears will turn into a missile into your land.”

Contrary to some reports, Iran’s government has not endorsed the $80 million contract, but did air it to the entire nation on state television and have not condemned it since.

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