Well That Didn’t Take Long: Netanyahu Calls ICC ‘Anti-Semitic’ for Israeli War Crimes Investigation

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/26/19 |

Last week we reported on the International Criminal Court’s announcement that they will be launching an investigation into war crimes being committed in the Palestinian territories:

The war crimes specifically mentioned…include ‘Israel’s use of deadly force against protesters in Gaza, willful killing, Israeli settlements and intentionally directing attacks on protected persons as well as hospitals and medics during different military operations,’ while ‘on the Palestinian side, she mentioned the attacks on civilians perpetrated by Hamas and other militant groups, their alleged use of human shields, as well as torture, inhuman treatment and the deprivation of fair trial.’

Like Jerry Seinfeld’s insane TV Uncle Leo would likely submit, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently facing indictments in Israel over unrelated corruption charges, said in a speech Sunday that the only reason the ICC is investigating Israeli war crimes is because they’re anti-Semites.

The right-wing leader, who is fighting for his political life in a March election, made the allegation with Judaism’s holy Western Wall as a backdrop during a candle-lighting ceremony marking the start of the eight-day Hanukkah holiday.

“New edicts are being cast against the Jewish people – anti-Semitic edicts by the International Criminal Court telling us that we, the Jews standing here next to this wall … in this city, in this country, have no right to live here and that by doing so, we are committing a war crime,” he said.


Those with knowledge of Israel’s history know two things: 1) their military forces have committed a plethora of human rights infringements and war crimes against their Palestinian neighbors for over 70 years, and 2) their government has screamed ‘anti-Semitism’ every single time they’ve been criticized for their behavior.

Former Israeli cabinet member Shulamit Aloni says the ‘anti-semitic’ tagline is nothing but a ‘trick’ used to stifle criticism of Israel.

Of course, in reality the fact that Israel is a Jewish state has nothing to do with the ICC’s investigation. Religion itself plays no part. This is an investigation into the Israeli government’s actions, which are known to be despicable when it comes to the treatment of the Palestinians in particular, and it would be taking place whether Israel was predominantly Jewish, Christian, Muslim, atheist, or completely secular.

The fact is, Israel has been openly grabbing land, killing innocent Palestinians, including children, indiscriminately, occupying and policing their territories, and stealing homes by force, both in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, and at an alarming rate as of late.

ICC prosecutors have said a preliminary investigation on the West Bank focused on “reported settlement-related activities engaged in by Israeli authorities”.

The Palestinians and many countries consider the settlements to be illegal. Israel disputes this, citing security needs and biblical and historical connections to the land.

With a nationalistic propaganda machine operating in Israel that is only rivaled by North Korea’s, the atrocities committed by Israel’s theocratic government are largely supported by the country’s population, though there are many Israelis opposed to them, as well.

Unfortunately, the blind support of Israel by the US and UK means the Israeli regime has been able to dodge justice every time it looms its head. Sanctions, boycotts, and investigations that have been attempted in the past have been quickly thwarted by the tired ‘anti-Semitic’ excuse. Israeli war crimes continue unhampered as a result.

Although Israel says the ICC has no right to investigate them, it seems justice may be impossible to escape this time.

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