WAR IS OVER: IF YOU WANT IT (Happy Xmas From DCPeriodical)

On Christmas morning in 1969, twelve cities around the world woke up to massive billboards proclaiming “War is over! If you want it. Happy Christmas from John & Yoko” in the written language of each respective country.

John Lennon, who, with his wife Yoko, was in the midst of one of the most famous and unique anti-war/pro-peace campaigns ever initiated, paid for the billboards out of his own pocket.

To John’s rationale, which in this case was simple as well as flawless, if everyone in the world demanded an end to all the destructive wars and violence taking place, peace would have no choice but to exist as a result. We would all have peace. The people, John figured, just didn’t know they had the power to make it happen. He did his best to wake us up.

Christmas morning in New York 1969.

Above are some short clips of John talking about his and Yoko’s peace campaign. The words he uses are hauntingly prevalent today, and we should all take a second today to listen.

The clips are followed by the song John wrote to accompany his worldwide billboards: Happy Xmas (War is Over if You Want it).

We’ve all heard it. But let’s listen again this Christmas and pay attention to the simple truth being revealed. It is the most powerful and important message ever transmitted:


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from DCPeriodical.

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