A Lesson in War Propaganda: The Frozen UN Syrian Aid Resolution

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/24/19 |

The United Nations Security Council met Friday to vote on two opposing resolutions aimed at getting much needed aid to victims in war-torn Syria. Both resolutions failed to pass due to lack of sufficient votes. Why?

Because Russia proposed one and the US backed the the other. The two sides refused to meet in the middle, making the only losers in the situation the people of Syria.

The Security Council today failed to adopt two draft resolutions on extending the authorization for the mechanism that allows cross‑border delivery of humanitarian aid in Syria today — one tabled by Belgium, Germany and Kuwait; the other by the Russian Federation.


The American-backed resolution was rejected by a vote of 13 in favor and 2 against, China and Russia making up the nays and also being two of four countries with veto power, while the Russian Resolution lost by a vote of 5 votes in favor — China, Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Russian Federation, South Africa — to 6 opposed — Dominican Republic, France, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, United States. The four remaining countries that make up the Security Council — Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, Kuwait — abstained.

The media response to this debacle is quite noteworthy. It’s a lesson in war-time propaganda.

Canada, for instance, has condemned China and Russia for refusing aid to Syria. This was following the condemnation of the two countries by former head of the CIA and current US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who stated that Russia and China ‘have blood on their hands.’

‘The United States,’ he said, ‘will remain committed to helping the voiceless, the hungry, the displaced, and the orphaned receive the humanitarian aid they require to survive no matter where they live.’

These are quite hypocritical statements being made, to say the least, because what western reports are failing to mention is the reason China and Russia vetoed the resolution in the first place, nor are they reminding their readers that China and Russia are both allies of Syria, while the United States and Britain are enemies of the Syrian regime and have been uninvited occupying forces in the country for several years.

Moreover, the two formerly mentioned countries launched missile attacks against the Syrian government for reasons that have since been proven to be fraudulent. The OPCW report on the alleged Assad-launched 2018 Douma chemical attack — that the US and UK (and France) used as an excuse to launch over 100 missiles at Damascus — has now been proven by the OPCW science team itself to have been a complete fabrication of the facts. There was no chemical attack. The western media is here, as always, completely silent on those explosive revelations.

They’re also failing to mention that the US and Britain — as well as Saudi Arabia and Israel — have been arming, funding and training Syria’s rebel factions, including al Qaeda and ISIS, throughout the entire war; the very domestic terrorist groups that the Syrian government and Russia are currently fighting.

In keeping with the official sentiments of the Syrian government, Russia and China justified their veto by ‘arguing that the US-supported resolution threatened to undermine Syria’s sovereignty.’

In turn, the Russian Federation’s delegate said the draft proposed by the co‑sponsors does not correspond to the current situation. Much of the aid has been co‑opted by terrorist groups.

Syria’s Government controls enough checkpoints to deliver humanitarian aid itself, he argued. By contrast, the Russian draft resolution focuses purely on humanitarian needs while drawing down on unused crossings. He called on all those who care about the situation to vote for it.


In other words, they don’t want ‘unimpeded and sustained access route[s]’ in certain areas that could be used for the benefit of the rebels (such as one through Iraq), not to mention a way into the country for more foreign rebel fighters to join their ranks. In the Russian proposed resolution, these were removed.

Western media also fails in reporting that Syria’s Acting Charge de-Affairs to the UN, Louay Fallouh, said, ‘Syria thanks the countries that foiled the draft resolution submitted by the so-called humanitarian co-penholders’ in reference to the US, Britain and their allies.

He added that the draft resolution submitted by the so-called “humanitarian co-penholders” about Syria has depended on a marketing campaign in which representatives of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) manipulated with the numbers and statements.

Syrian Arab News Agency.

According to Syrian reports, ‘Falloh wondered why some security council members…remain silent towards the US occupation forces’ looting of Syrian gas and oil.’

One would think these are pertinent pieces of information the general public needs in order to have an informed opinion on the events unfolding around this Syrian UN resolution. Well, that’s how war-time propaganda works. America’s at war with Assad, whether they admit or not, in a cold-war with Russia, and in a trade war with China. They all must therefore be painted as monsters in all situations.

While the media reports that ‘Britain’s UN Ambassador Karen Pierce said Russia and China “gave no credible explanation for their veto or for the cynical attempt to score political points by tabling a second resolution that halved the number of crossings and halved the length of time,”‘ the truth is that they know why the resolution was shot down. They’re just not going to let you know why — and hope that you don’t figure out your internet has access to reports from around the world to compare with what is printed domestically.

Not only that, they’ll paint the picture that Russia and China are the only ones with blood on their hands for vetoing the resolution they backed. Au contraire, the US and UK (and their fellow naysayers) did the exact same thing to a resolution that would have brought aid to Syria directly after the first veto occurred.

In other words, no matter how the media tries to twist it — here or there — one side is just as guilty as the other. All the reports we just went over, which were from America, Canada, Russia, and Syria, were designed to demonize the other side while basically ignoring the core issue: Syrian aid.

If any of the council members truly cared about the people of Syria, a compromise would have been worked out, because their interests, rather than self-interests, would have been the main focus. Unfortunately, compromise is yet to be reached.

And like I said at the beginning of this piece, the only real losers here are the people who can’t afford to lose, the people of Syria. As long as the UN Security Council is at an impasse, what they desperately need isn’t on its way.

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