Epstein Leak: Is ABC Set to Air 3-Year-Old Amy Robach Interview with Virginia Giuffre?

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/16/19 |

According to a leaked document obtained by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, the long covered up interview by news anchor Amy Robach with former Epstein child-sex-slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre could be set to finally see the air.

Giuffre was recruited by UK socialite Ghislaine Maxwell out of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort to become one of Epstein’s sex-slaves when she was 17. While under Epstein’s control, she was passed around to rich elite men for sexual services, including, she alleges (with photographs), the Queen’s son Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew of Windsor, Virginia Roberts, and Ghislaine Maxwell

In early November, Project Veritas obtained leaked ABC footage of Amy Robach off-air wearing a hot mic and talking to her producer about an interview she had done with Giuffre three years earlier, where Giuffre provided pictures and witness testimony that exposed the alleged nefarious actions of elites such as Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton with underage sex-slaves. But, Robach explains, ABC refused to air the interview, in effect assisting Epstein in remaining out of the spotlight and able to carry on with his child trafficking operation for over 1,000 days before his arrest this year, which ultimately led to his suspicious death in his New York prison cell.

Leaked Amy Robach video. Project Veritas.

ABC did nothing in the ways of an apology for hiding the explosive information from the public, and instead went after their own staff to find who leaked the video, even demanding the termination of an ex-employee — award winning producer Ashley Bianco — who was then working for CBS. CBS obliged and fired Bianco on the spot, though there was no tangible evidence to show she was the leaker.

Hours ago, Project Veritas tweeted out a leaked internal document that they think appears to show plans for ABC to finally air the Giuffre interview.

Due for airing in January of 2020, the title of the program — “Truth and Lies: The Jeffrey Epstein Story” — doesn’t appear to suggest it will be the Robach-Giuffre interview cast in its entirety — if it shows any of it at all. It appears to be — and this is just my prediction based off of ABC’s recent history — a typical propaganda piece that will be used to push the ‘official’ narrative of the Epstein saga — lone suicide and little mention of the powerful people implicated in the vast amounts of available court documents — the narrative ABC has been pushing since day one.

If anything — and again, this is just speculation based on the network’s history and the title alone, so make of it what you will — I would predict the show will be used an excuse to chop up and air the least damning portions of Giuffre’s three-year-old interview and create a show around it, thus altering the narrative that they covered up and withheld the interview in the first place.

After all, ABC has caught a lot of public heat since the leaked Robach video went viral, and this isn’t even to mention the heat they were already under for being caught airing footage of a Kentucky gun show and telling their viewers it was a Kurdish slaughter caught on tape, effectively acting as a propaganda mouthpiece for the establishment to sell the war in Syria, and getting busted in the process.

War propaganda at its most pathetic.

Considering these facts — war propaganda videos, covering up the most elite pedophile ring to ever come to light, going after employees for exposing their network’s utter immorality — this upcoming special seems to be damage control on a number of fronts. But of course, this is just my humble opinion. We’ll have to just wait until January to know for sure.

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