Andrew Scheer Resigning Party Leadership After Reports of Pilfering Party Funds

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/12/19 |

This morning, controversial Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer announced he will be officially stepping down the second a new leader is elected, a move many — both liberals and conservatives — expected after his loss in the Oct. 21st election to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

According to reports, Scheer called a special caucus meeting at which he made the announcement. He then made it official in the House of Commons.

AM 650 CKOM, Saskatoon.

Scheer has been the Tory leader for nearly three years, but it’s now official that reign has come to an end.

Today Ottawa Bureau Chief for Global News Mercedes Stephenson tweeted out breaking news that goes to explain the sudden resignation.

Global News, it appears, has learned from ‘multiple’ Conservative Party sources that Scheer has been using party funds to pay for his children’s private schooling.

From UCP leader Jason Kenney’s approval rating dropping into the low 40’s and still plummeting, to the xenophobic and hateful roots of the Wexit movement, to Scheer being outed for stealing party funds, it seems the entire conservative movement of Canada has officially been commandeered by unbridled corruption.

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