Timing is Everything: WaPo Reveals Damning ‘Afghan Papers’ Just as US Nears Deal With Oil-Controlling Taliban

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/09/19 |

Afghanistan was the first country of many invaded by American troops in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. The stated missions were to fight the Taliban, said to be terrorists linked to al Qaeda, which turned out to be a fiction, and to locate Osama bin Laden, which never took place in Afghanistan.

The Taliban, it should be noted, has more power in the region today than before America invaded.

Regardless, the war has continued for 18 years straight. Nearly 2,500 American lives have been lost as a result — 20,000 wounded — and over 111,000 Afghans have been killed — over 31,000 of those were civilians. It is estimated that over 360,000 additional people have also lost their lives (by 2014) as a direct or indirect result of the war. Add all those figures up and you get a real sense of the humanity senselessly wasted in this quagmire — and still being wasted.

Estimates put the Afghan War at costing over $1 trillion (a thousand billions) of American taxpayer money; money that has gone directly into the coffers of private interests supplying defense provisions.

This, clearly, is a pointless war that needs to end; and an unexpected source seems to be acting as the straw that could the camel’s back.

The usually war propagandizing Washington Post has gotten its hands on a hoard of previously classified Pentagon documents, and has published an ‘explosive’ exposure of the US government’s deception-based involvement in Afghanistan.

[WaPo] obtained thousands of documents from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, the government’s watchdog on the war…through a Freedom of Information Act and two federal lawsuits.


According to WaPo, the 2,000 plus pages detail how United States senior officials throughout three presidential administrations — Bush, Obama, Trump — intentionally ‘failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan,’ instead opting to make ‘rosy pronouncements they knew to be false’ in order to perpetuate it.

The classified papers — made up of notes from interviews with 600 top US officials, though only 44 names aren’t redacted — state that to those in charge, the Afghan War has basically always been considered ‘unwinnable.’ They also detail how these very officials were constantly making efforts in ‘hiding unmistakable evidence’ from the public which corroborated that assessment.

Two major consistent themes from the documents are:

1. The manipulation on a mass scale of statistics fed to the public in order to hide the true disastrous nature of the war; and…

2. US leaders “turning a blind eye” to large scale theft of US tax payer dollars by corrupt Afghan officials.

US aid was looted “with impunity” according to the released documents, and provide undeniable evidence that top defense officials knew years of rosy public statements were a mountain of lies. 


These new releases go a long way to corroborating the brushed aside testimonies of earlier whistleblowers to the Afghan War, such as that of former FBI Deputy Director John O’Neill, whose 2001 book delineated how President George W. Bush went out of his way to obstruct an FBI investigation into Afghani terrorism — the official reason the US invaded the country — knowing full well it was all made up at the behest of ‘US oil interests, corporate interests, and the role played by Saudi Arabia’ in the planning and execution of the invasion.

…former White House Afghan war czar Douglas Lute under Bush and Obama, confessed, “We were devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan – we didn’t know what we were doing.” He added that “we didn’t have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking” after the 2001 invasion.

“If the American people knew the magnitude of this dysfunction … 2,400 lives lost,” he added.


There are reasons other than oil profits for America and its allies invading Afghanistan, though. As DCPeriodical noted in a piece released in November:

Additional to oil — and this should help make sense of the current opioid and opiate epidemic — before the invasion of Afghanistan the Taliban was producing a very measly percentage of the world’s opium supply. Since, Afghanistan produces around 90% of the planet’s opium. A near monopoly.

Countless articles, testimony from soldiers, and a plethora of photographic evidence have proven many times over that American and British troops are assigned to guard the poppy fields the opium is cultivated from, making the global opium market, from heroin to fentanyl, a joint UK/US government enterprise.

DCPeriodical, Regime Change, Oil, Domination: The Ugly Truths as to Why the Syrian War Keeps Raging.

As the Washington Post actually appears to be doing good journalism by releasing these documents, and it is, it’s important to note the timing.

These revelations conveniently come just as the US is close to negotiating a deal with the Afghan-oil-controlling Taliban — once America’s sworn enemy.

As AOL reports, the ‘disclosure comes as U.S. President Donald Trump and the Pentagon look to draw down the number of forces in Afghanistan to focus more on battling al Qaeda and Islamic State, as the administration hopes for a peace deal with the Taliban.’

In other words, the oil is being somewhat secured, so it’s time to draw back. But, of course, the soldiers in Afghanistan’s long pointless war aren’t going home. Like pawns they’re just being moved to a more effective area — to aid in the disastrous Syrian war, of whose oil American troops are openly guarding from Assad as American oil interests assist Israel to plunder the Texas-tea from the Golan heights. But I digress.

Like the Iraq and Libya wars, the damage is done and troops will most likely be moving out of the region soon, and so it’s now becoming okay for the public to see the Afghanistan War as the massive error it’s been from the beginning. Hence, 2,000 pages detailing the proof of that assertion being introduced to them by the establishment’s public relations team at the Washington Post.

What do you want to bet no US senior officials who deceptively perpetuated this war see legal repercussions in light of these released documents?

What do you want to be the Washington Post won’t give a shit?

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