Jeffrey Epstein: All Roads Lead to Mossad

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/07/19 |

When Jeffrey Epstein was facing prosecutors for sexual abuse and child trafficking charges in 2007, he was a shoo-in for a life sentence.

Instead he was given his famous ‘sweetheart deal,’ and received only a 13 month sentence, from which he was released early.

The Miami prosecutor who cut that unbelievable deal with Epstein and his lawyers was a man named Alexander Acosta, who would coincidentally become a fixture in the Trump administration several years later as the cabinet’s labor secretary.

Former Miami prosecutor Alexander Acosta, who cut Epstein the ‘sweetheart deal.’

Now, in any normally functioning democracy, the media would have been in a frenzy to find out how this monster — the world’s most prolific child trafficker to the rich and powerful ever known — was given a deal to only serve 13 months in his own private wing of a Florida prison — where he was allowed to leave for most hours of the day — when he should’ve been given castration followed the death penalty. But there was no media frenzy. The story was buried.

Those of us in alternative media circles — I was at another publication at the time —were quickly branded ‘conspiracy theorists’ any time Epstein or the culture of elite pedophilia he was providing countless victims for was brought up.

Luckily though, one established reporter — an award winning journalist and author named Vicky Ward, who’d been covering Epstein’s misdeeds since 2003 — dug deep into her DC connections to find out just what had happened.

What she heard from a senior White House official was quite disturbing:

Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary…

“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta.

Vicky Ward, Daily Beast.

You read that right. Alex Acosta had said he couldn’t prosecute Epstein in 2007 with a real sentence because he was an intelligence operative.

Skip ahead to 2019, when, to my personal shock, Epstein was arrested and began showing up in the news again — this time as a headline story in the mainstream media. I was truly amazed. I thought they’d covered up that story so successfully that it would never reappear. Thanks to the Miami Herald and others working with them, the story came back with a vengance. The media was forced to deal with it all over again. They’ve been doing damage control ever since.

In any event, it didn’t take long after the story re-broke for people to hear about Epstein and Acosta’s ‘sweetheart deal’ in 2007. Outrage followed.

It got so bad that Acosta had to hold a White House press conference in an attempt to explain himself.

Unfortunately for him, he handled himself so badly that he was forced to resign days later.

The day Acosta resigned and long time friend of Epstein, Donald Trump, called him a ‘great guy.’

Towards the end of that very conference, Acosta said he would field one more question, but after it was asked, he then took a few more, clearly not wanting to end on that note.

The questioner asked if it was known to Acosta ‘that Mr. Epstein was an intelligence asset of some sort,’ to which Acosta hemmed and hawed before settling on, ‘I can’t address it directly because of our guidelines,’ in reference to his official office.

Now, let’s be frank. If the answer to the question was ‘no, we have no reason to believe he’s intelligence,’ there is no protocol that exists that would’ve prevented him from saying so. The fact that he refused to answer speaks volumes. Just as Vicky Ward had reported, it seems Acosta knew full well what Epstein was up to.

After all, Epstein was intelligence. One look at the evidence available thus far all but confirms it.

We know for a fact now, through multiple reports and court documents, that Epstein — a man who owned two islands and mansions around the world, sold underage girls to elite politicians, entertainers, businessmen, and royalty — had no record of where his endless billions were coming from.

We also know that Epstein had secret pinhole cameras set up in every room of every house he owned, where he would film every sexual encounter with every client he provided his underage slaves to.

PHOTOS: Prince Andrew has been accused by two of Epstein’s ex-sex-slaves for having sexual intercourse with them as teens. Bill Clinton has been named by staff at Epstein’s NM ‘baby-making’ ranch as being a frequent visitor and appears on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ flightlogs nearly 30 times in 2 years. Donald Trump was a co-defendant with Epstein in a teen rape case that was thrown out because the victim couldn’t afford her legal fees, while Virginia Robert’s Giuffre, another former Epstein teen sex-slave, was recruited out of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Miami, right down the road from another one of Epstein’s properties.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, as many insiders have verified, that Epstein was running a blackmail operation of the highest degree — a tactic documented to have been used by intelligence agencies and the mob for nearly a century.

We also know from multiple reports that years ago, Israeli-American billionaire Les Wexner handed over his estate to Epstein for no apparent reason, including his $70 million dollar mansion in Manhattan that housed a ‘secret media room’ under the stairs with a hi-tech surveillance setup similar to what is seen in the likes of James Bond movies.

According to former Epstein victim Maria Farmer:

“So if you’re facing the house, there’s a window on the right that’s barred — that’s the room, the ‘media room’ is what he called it,” she continued.

“And so there was a door that looked like an invisible door with all this limestone and everything and you push it and you go in and I saw all the cameras,” Farmer noted.

She also recalled how there were televisions stacked on on top of each other.

“What it was – was like old televisions basically, like stacked,” she added. “They were monitors inside this cabinet and there were men sitting here and I looked on the cameras and I saw toilet, toilet, bed, bed, toilet, bed.

News Target, 11/25/19.

When the FBI raided that New York mansion last August, they found piles of cash in a safe that also held a fraudulent passport with Epstein’s picture and a different name on it, stating his home was in Saudi Arabia — reminiscent of what Jason Bourne found in his Swiss security box in the Bourne Identity.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Let’s take it a step further. Who was Epstein partnered up with in this blackmail operation? His madam and procurerer, Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of UK media mogul Robert Maxell — a known Israeli intelligence (Mossad) asset:

Investigative reporter Gordon Thomas’ book ‘Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy,’ published Dec. 2003 by Da Capo Press.

[Robert] Maxwell first came into Mossad’s orbit in the 1970s, when the crack Israeli spy organization stole from the United States its most sophisticated piece of intelligence-gathering software, Enhanced Promis. Of it Mossad made an electronic Trojan horse, secretly amassing strictly classified information from inside the very organizations worldwide to which they were selling it. Mossad’s representative for these extremely sensitive transactions costing tens of millions of dollars in China, Russia, India, and twenty other countries was Robert Maxwell.

Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy:
The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul, Gordon Thomas.

When Robert Maxwell’s boat was blown to pieces with him on it, the funeral that followed took place in Israel and was attended by six former and current heads of Israeli intelligence services, as well as the Israeli president and prime minster, the latter of whom gave the eulogy, stating that Maxwell ‘has done more for Israel than can today be said.’

Moreover, the Office of British Foreign Affairs stated on record that Robert Maxwell was not only an Israeli intelligence asset, but also an asset of the KGB and MI6.

To reiterate, the daughter of this known Mossad agent — who was given a state funeral in Israel upon his death — was the very woman now in hiding for being Epstein’s partner and accomplice in his sexual blackmail operation.

Ghislaine Maxwell and her father, compromised Israeli spy Robert Maxwell and wife.

Just yesterday reports were circulating about the testimony of a known ex-Israeli intelligence agent named Ari Ben-Menashe — alleged to have been Robert Maxwell’s Mossad handler — who said Epstein was indeed a Mossad agent running a ‘complex intelligence operation.’

In an interview with Zev Shalev, former CBS News executive producer and award-winning investigative journalist for Narativ, the former senior executive for Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, Ari Ben-Menashe, claimed not only to have met Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, back in the 1980s, but that both Epstein and Maxwell were already working with Israeli intelligence during that time period. 

MintPress News,

According to Ben-Menashe, Epstein was brought in to Mossad by Robert Maxwell in the eighties to assist with the financing of secret arms deals occurring during the Iran-Contra scandal.

“[Robert] Maxwell sort of started liking him, and my theory is that Maxwell felt that this guy is going for his daughter… He felt that he could bless him with some work and help him out in like a paternal [manner].”

-Former Israeli Military Intelligence Senior Member Ari Ben-Menashe.

Without any talents for much else, Mossad, according to Menashe, eventually put Epstein in charge of the blackmail operation we all know him for today:

“Mr. Epstein was the simple idiot who was going around providing girls to all kinds of politicians in the United States.

“See, fucking around is not a crime. It could be embarrassing, but it’s not a crime. But fucking a fourteen-year-old girl is a crime.

“And he was taking photos of politicians fucking fourteen-year-old girls — if you want to get it straight.

“They would just blackmail people like that.”

-Ari Ben-Menashe.

Simply put: Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad agent (or possibly Mossad’s counterparts of Aman or Shin Bet, but reports allege Mossad specifically) tasked with compromising royalty, politicians, and the world’s foremost elite decision makers — in the worst way possible — in order to have them all under direct submission to the State of Israel.

When it comes to answering the many mysteries surrounding this evil pedophilic child trafficker — where he came from, how he got his money, properties and many toys, how he made his connections, why he did what he did, and why he died under bogus circumstances when his back was to the wall — the available evidence really points in only one direction. In this case, all roads lead to Mossad.

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