Corruption in the UCP Has Kenney Nose Diving in Alberta’s Approval Rating

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 12/04/19 |

Just over two months ago, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney of the United Conservative Party (UCP) was sitting at an approval rating of 60%. With the passage of a mere matter of weeks, he’s now at only 42% — and dropping. Corruption plays a key role in this monumentous tumble.

In November, it was revealed that the Premier’s closest advisor had used $45,000 of public funds to pay for his trips to the United Kingdom.  The man heading Kenney’s inquiry into climate activists was also outed for handing a $905,000 government contract to his son’s legal firm. Most recently, Kenney fired the elections commissioner who had been investigating the Premier’s leadership race., 12/02/19.

For one, Kenney’s cabinet members have been pilfering tax money and using their positions of power to their personal benefit, while on the other hand the UCP’s proposed austerity measures have been responsible for robbing social services of their funding, which will continue to result in thousands of lost jobs.

The United Conservative Party’s (UCP) inaugural budget slashed funding across the board. Students have been left with higher tuition and less funding for their universities. Disabled Albertans have seen their benefits effectively cut by de-indexing. Hundreds of nurses are being fired as a result of budget cuts. More than 7000 public sector workers are expected to be laid off due to Kenney’s austerity policies.

The decreases in public spending will amount to a functional 20% cut when including population growth and inflation. Analyses by the Alberta Federation of Labour suggests that Kenney’s budget will result in a 4.8% drop in GDP and will cost over 110,000 jobs., 12/02/19

Yesterday it was reported that Kenney’s UCP also wants to introduce a voucher system for Alberta’s schools — a system used predominantly in the US which takes government money out of public schools and puts it into private institutions. They voted in favor of it in legislature, but Adriana LaGrange, the province’s education minister, so far hasn’t accepted the vote.

As we reported last month, mass protests surrounded the Alberta Legislature after a theocratic bill was unanimously supported the UCP that would allow doctor’s to refuse performing any procedure on a patient that they feel infringes on their religious viewpoint, making room with its vague wording for any number of terrible situations to occur.

But don’t fret, the AB government isn’t bad for everyone. Kenney is making sure to take care of his very richest citizens by promising one-third of their corporate taxes will be cut.

As reporter Kian Malekanian put it:

While rich executives and big businesses are getting tax handouts, average folks get service cuts and lay-offs. The political and economic elite of Alberta are raking in millions and Kenney expects every-day Albertans to bear the burden. 

Unfortunately this tax cut scheme is already failing. Even though it kept an extra $233 million in the accounts of Husky Energy Inc. in Calgary, the company still terminated 370 jobs and says it plans to cut more as it focusses its oil operations on Eastern Canada and China.

As a number of Albertans (ie. Wexit supporters) hurl threats against Ottawa and Quebec for their province’s plight, perhaps they should look no further than their own borders to explain most of their woes, and realize those at the helm are the very same people they empowered to be there.

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