Tulsi Gabbard: ‘We Are Battling the Political Establishment in Washington…and it Scares the Hell Out of Them’

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 11/26/19 |

Today presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast alongside decorated retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink to set the record straight about the vicious, baseless smears that have been waged against her from all angles since announcing her candidacy.

Gabbard, a current major in the US military, a two-time veteran of the Middle East, a sitting congresswoman for the state of Hawaii, and member of several congressional foreign policy committees, has based her campaign on ending America’s foreign policy of lie-based, constant regime-change wars and the irreparable damage they have inflicted on a global scale.

As a result, she has been attacked by the hawkish political establishment through their agents in the media as a threat to the American security.

Nut that wasn’t all that was discussed. Many profound sentiments were put forward by Gabbard in relation to her campign, her platforms, her world views, and much more. We’ll now go over just a few of the main points discussed.

Meeting with Assad and Diplomacy Over War

Gabbard, who rightfully believes for peace to exist that diplomacy must take precedent over war, even if that means sitting down with adversarial leaders, has been unfairly slammed for her meeting with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in 2017, where they discussed the possibilities of achieving peace in the war-torn region.

Dems and Cons have both since condemned the meeting by saying it was done in secret without the knowledge of Washington. This, of course, is a lie. The meeting was approved by the House ethics committee prior to its taking place.

She has clarified all of this countless times. Yet the smears haven’t stopped. They have only increased. Every news cast Gabbard appears on, rather than allowing her to talk about her many platforms, they bring up nothing but the Assad meeting.

Most recently, presidential candidate ‘Mayor” Pete Buttigieg tried to use the tired Assad smear against Gabbard at the last Democratic debate, saying the meeting showed a lapse of good judgment, and adding he never would have sat down with the dictator. Essentially he dug his own grave. Gabbard responded perfectly:

“Your [Mayor Pete] point about judgment is absolutely correct. Our commander-in-chief does need to have good judgment. And what you’ve just pointed out is that you would lack the courage to meet with both adversaries and friends to ensure the peace and national security of our nation. I take the example of those leaders who have come before us, leaders like JFK, who met with Khrushchev, like Roosevelt, who met with Stalin.”

As the crowd applauded and cheered, Buttigieg was noticeably shaken for his war-hawk tendencies and lack of leadership qualities being exposed.

“I will always choose diplomacy,” Gabbard explained with conviction to Rogan today. “I will always choose to maximize all diplomatic means and talks and negotiations to further our interests of peace and national security, recognizing that war should always be the last resort, if necessary.”

Clinton and the Russian Smear

Also on the docket was Hillary Clinton’s baseless smears. Clinton asserted Gabbard, who has the highest security clearance possible within the American government, was an agent of the Russians in October. Gabbard is now suing Clinton for defamation.

On Rogan today she explained, “back in 2016 I was the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee. therefore as an officer of the DNC, had to remain neutral in the presidential election, which it was my plan to do so. I really made the decision to resign from that seat so I could endorse Bernie Sanders, largely because of his difference with Hillary Clinton in foreign policy.”

Gabbard stated publicly in 2016 she had learned of Clinton and the DNC rigging the primaries to guarantee Clinton the nomination against her fellow Democrats. These allegations, of course, were proven to be true in the leaked DNC emails published on Wikileaks that year.

Gabbard stated that she was told by Washington seniors at the time that going against Clinton was dangerous.

“There are lists that are kept,” they warned her, “and your political career will be over.”

As we see now, the campaign to ruin Gabbard has since been in full swing ever since.

As for the Russain-asset smear itself, Gabbard called it “baseless” and shone light on the dangers involved when only a few politicians defended her against such a wild, evidence-free allegation from such a prominent person, while the corporate press did nothing at all to set the record straight when it was its obligation to do so.

Why All the Smears?

When Rogan asked about the origins of the obvious mud-slinging campaign against her, Gabbard explained, “we are battling the political establishment in Washington. Its because I’m telling the truth, because I’m challenging the status quo that they represent and that they’ve profited off for a very long time.

“They are concerned about the unifying message I’m bringing, because we have Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, independents that are joining this coalition that is fuelling our campaign, and it’s a campaign of, by and for the people that’s actually speaking the truth; that’s calling for an end to these regime-change wars; that’s calling for a deescalation of tensions between the United States and other nuclear-armed countries and an end to this new cold war, nuclear-arms race.

“Actually, let’s focus our limited tax-dollars on actually serving the needs of the people. That’s really the message we’re bringing and it scares the hell out of them.”

Debates Are ‘Political Reality TV’

Gabbard also aptly went after the current debate process, calling it “political reality TV” that is “set up for confrontation to drive up ratings” so “the corporate media can make more money.” Nothing could be more true. And people are quickly catching on.

As Gabbard pointed out, the first debate turned people off so bad that it went from 22 million viewers to the most recent debate which only pulled in 6.

The Corporate Media Agenda

Also discussed was the corporate media’s failure to properly report on issues because they focus on being the first to release a story with their predetermined political bent, rather than gathering the facts of the situation correctly before reporting, ultimately leading to a confused, conditioned and misinformed public.

“It’s about being first,” said Gabbard, “rather than actually being accurate and presenting the America people with, ‘here’s what’s gone on, you can form your own opinion, you can form your own conclusion, but here’s the course of events that took place, A-B-C-D and E,’ and that’s what we’re missing most of the time.”

When Rogan asked the question of why the media, since before Vietnam, has always acted as a cheerleader for every American war, Gabbard answered that first off, “conflict drives ratings,” and then she said something we have proven here at DCPeriodical, but no politician has been brave and honest enough to admit:

“There have been reports over time…where you’ve got journalists who are, or even papers who are more interested in covering for their CIA relationships rather than bringing forward…the truth that the American people deserve to hear.

“So I think there are other factors there that drive the media to really play a heavily influential and dangerous force in continuing to push this warmongering narrative, that is costly in an immeasurable way.”

Tulsi’s Stance on War

Gabbard also took the time to articulate the specificities of her stance on war.

“My opposition to regime-change wars should not be mistaken for isolationism, nor should it be mistaken for anything other than what it is: let’s stop fighting regime-change wars, that are so often waged in the guise of humanitarianism, but…are pushed forward for other reasons, whether they’re political reasons, or corporate reasons, or whatever. And they try to get the sympathy of the American people and they use the same words, you know, ‘this guy’s a monster, this guy’s this.’

“When you actually peel back the layers, there are ulterior motives in place that set the pretext to use our military to go and overthrow a regime in another country, or topple a dictator, that ultimately ends up, more often than not, resulting in…more suffering for the people of the country we’re supposedly trying to go and help.

“However, and I’ve been very strong on this, [if] we’re talking about al Qaeda, ISIS, these other jihadist terrorists who are a threat to our national security, we need to stay strong in defeating that threat. That is our function as warriors, as service members in the military, it’s to go and protect and defend the American people and to take out those who seek to do us harm.”

Trump’s Dangerous Trade War

When the interview came upon Trump’s handling of the economy, Gabbard aptly pointed out that the tensions the president has created with other nations such as Canada and China, who is currently in a trade war with the US that continues to escalate, are extremely dangerous.

“An economic war can very easily turn into a hot war. And again, we’re talking about a nuclear-armed country, where these ever-escalating tensions push us closer and closer to the brink of nuclear catastrophe, something nuclear strategists are saying we are closer to now than at least in a generation.”

Aside from the threat of war, though, she also explained the immediate consequences at home resulting from Trump’s irrational trade war, giving the examples of Iowa apple farmers who only sell to regional clients being undercut by Washington farmers who can no longer get their product to their clients in China, and small business owners unable to purchase or plan for parts they buy from China for their products.

“The level of uncertainty and destabilization it’s created, I think, has been the most negative impact on people here at home.”

This isn’t to say Gabbard thinks negotiations weren’t needed between the two superpowers. She admitted Trump has “diagnosed the problem correctly” in saying China is getting a lopsided advantage in US trade relations, as many economists have reported.

“There are legitimate concerns.”

The problem, Gabbard reasons, is Trump’s “shoot-from-the-hip” strategy that is escalating the situation into dire circumstances. His negotiators will be close to reaching a deal and then Trump will randomly tweet something to ruin any progress made, effectively reversing what has been agreed upon, and leaving the negotiators looking like fools and having to start back at square one again and again.

Breaking Up Big Tech and Mayor Pete’s Facebook Support

As Tulsi Gabbard is currently suing Google for $50 million after they shut down her advertising capabilities following the first debate—for which she was the most searched name on Google during and after—social media’s control of online information and influence was also talked about.

Through her lawsuit, Gabbard expressed pleasure in helping to push the conversation of the power social media technopolies have to interfere with the democratic process through information control to the forefront.

She admittedly swears to break up these monopolies if elected, and provide the “kinds of oversight and accountability that will protect the consumer, that will protect the American people, that will protect fair and honest discourse, and that will protect freedom of speech.”

After pointing out the ambitions of Mark Zuckerberg to one day be president, and his plans to launch his own currency in the near future, Gabbard then exposed the fact after the Facebook owner and founder decided not to run for president, he and his wife got in contact with presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, and have since provided “two of Zuckerberg’s Facebook guys” to work for his campaign.

“And so they’re gonna have a seat at the table if he’s elected, which means Facebook will have a seat at the table.”

If she is elected, rather than hop in bed with them like Mayor Pete, Gabbard said she would apply anti-trust laws to America’s tech-giants, and make it illegal for powerful companies such as Facebook to buy up their competitors and monopolize the industry.

Moreover, she stated she would see to it that Congress “digs deep” into passing legislation that will provide an adequate level of oversight that will “ensure our freedom of speech and our freedom to access information is not impeded by these tech-giants, whether it’s for their own profits or to pursue their own political interests.”

How to Defeat Trump

When it came to Trump’s impeachment proceedings, Gabbard sees them as the Democratic Party’s admittance that they don’t think they can beat him in elections, and are therefore using a “political maneuver in order to get rid of him,” which she doesn’t see as realistic as the Senate is made up of Republicans not likely to turn on their leader and side with their Democratic adversaries.

“I’ve always maintained that, look, I look forward to beating Donald Trump at the ballot box, where the American people can unequivocally let their voices be heard saying, ‘nope. We’re done with that leadership, and all that Trump brought to office, and we’re choosing to go in a new direction.'”

The Fox News Smear

Also discussed was the attack often waged against Gabbard by Democrats for often appearing on Fox News.

“I was attacked on the debate stage for going in Fox News. How do you think you’re gonna lead this country, all Americans, if you’re completely not only shutting out and not willing to talk to half the country that watches Fox News, but if you’re in fact disrespecting and dismissing them just because they may disagree with you, or because they watch a different news channel than you do?”

“How are you expecting to lead as the president of every single American in this country when you’ve thrown half of them away by saying, ‘you know what? I actually don’t care about you. I only care about people who I agree with.’ That, to me, is the worst part about all of this.”

Gabbard handled herself in her characteristic style of calm, informed and reasoned oration the entire time, once again proving her accusers to be liars with a nefarious agenda.

The simple fact of the matter is that Tulsi Gabbard has stated clearly that she cannot and will not be controlled by private interests. Her political career is, as it always has been, based on making America a country “of, for, and by the people.” To the powers-that-be, that is a terrifying prospect as it spells an end to their toxic grasp on the levers of power. For this reason, they smear her with every underhanded tactic they can muster. Yet she stands up as only a soldier could and bats them down one by one. After all, Tulsi Gabbard has a weapon that beats them every time, and it’s a weapon they will never have at their disposal: the truth.

You can help Tulsi Gabbard become the next American president, learn her platforms in detail, and pledge your support at www.TULSI2020.com.

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