Epstein: Clinton-Nude Underage Girls Pic, Zorro Ranch, Intelligence, & Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Set to..Reveal All to FBI’

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 11/24/19 |

New photos and testimony have been released in connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s 10,000-acre ‘Zorro Ranch’—also known as the ‘baby making ranch’—in New Mexico.

At least twice a year, Epstein would fly high profile elites, approximately thirty at a time, to the ranch for stints of 4-wheeling and unabashed debauchery.

Jeffrey Epstein’s 10k-acre Zorro Ranch, where he would bring elite associates for weekends of drugs, booze, and underage sex-slaves.

According to new reports, the ranch features an eight-person shower complete with ‘dozens of bottles of oils,’ an underground secret strip-club where teens would strip and dance for the guests, indoor swimming pools, hot tubs, framed showers, Gothic antique furniture, and several satellites.

Most interesting, the compound was riddled with secret pinhole cameras—hidden in every single room—which Epstein used to film prominent people taking part in illicitly illegal activities with minors.

This secret camera revelation—along with the foreign passport found in Epstein’s NY mansion that had his picture in it but a different name attached to it—just adds more credence to the suspicion that Jeffrey Epstein was an intelligence agent tasked with controlling people of influence through sexual blackmail, just as former district attorney Jim Acosta said after first giving Epstein—the most prolific child trafficker in American history—only a few months in jail, where he was allowed to leave his cell (in a private wing of the prison) for most hours of the day, following his first arrest in 2008. When asked why he gave Epstein such a deal, Acosta replied that he was ‘above his pay-grade’ because he ‘belonged to intelligence.’

An anonymous man contracted with maintaining the New Mexico ranch said recently that Epstein would only show up twice a year with his ‘madame’ Ghislaine Maxwell and a large group of powerful men. That’s when the party would start. ‘All the toys would come out’ and all hell would break loose.

He asserted that there were pictures throughout the house of Epstein and prominent men posing with nude teenage girls.

One such picture, which he said stayed on display in the main house, was of Epstein and former president Bill Clinton—who had flown on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ jet nearly 30 documented times—smoking cigars together and surrounded by naked teen girls.

Similarly, in Epstein’s New York mansion there was a painting on one of the walls depicting Bill Clinton sitting in a long blue dress, the one Monica Lewinsky submitted for DNA testing in 1998 to prove she had had intercourse with the then-president, which he had denied until the evidence proved otherwise.

According to reports at the time, the entire Lewinsky scandal was the product of a Mossad blackmail operation aimed at getting Clinton to fall in line with Israeli demands of the US.

Epstein’s painting of Bill Clinton in Monica Lewinky’s famous blue dress that brought down his presidency, reported to be an Israeli intelligence blackmail operation gone awry.

Couple that information with the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell—Epstein’s partner, procurer and trainer of his underage sex-slaves—is the daughter of UK media mogul and compromised Israeli-intelligence-asset Robert Maxwell, and who Epstein was working for starts to come into focus. It seems more than probable that Epstein, close confidant of former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, received his money and his orders from Tel Aviv, as Ghislaine’s father before him.

Exposed Israeli spy Robert Maxwell with wife and daughter, recruiter of sex-slaves for Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to new reports released today, Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been named by every Epstein victim to come forward as the woman behind the operation, is ‘set to come out of hiding and reveal all to the FBI’ soon.

As everything else in this case, including Epstein’s death, has been an attempted cover up of what is known to be the truth, I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath while waiting for justice to arise out of Maxwell’s testimony, if indeed it does take place. But, of course, only time will tell. Five years ago I never would’ve guessed Epstein would make a return to the headlines after the first cover up. Yet here we are.

Epstein and his ‘madame’ Ghislaine Maxwell.

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