Wicked Protection: CBS, NBC, & ABC’s Constant Covering Up of Elite Rape Allegations

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 11/08/19 |

Since just October, three major US news networks have been shown to be twisting news, faking news, and covering up news.

Last month, for instance, ABC twice aired a two-year-old video of a Kentucky gun show and broadcast it as a current slaughter of Kurdish residents in Syria, only to be exposed when Gizmodo broke the story in half by comparing the two videos and showing they were one and the same, minus the Americans holding cellphones and filming the show being edited out of the ABC reports. In other words, they faked the entire story to sell the need for American military occupation Syria.

Well, as the Daily Caller reports, ABC has been exposed again, along with CBS, who just reportedly fired an employee alleged to have been the source of ABC’s leaked Amy Robach ‘Epstein’ video.

Jeffrey Epstein, of course, is now widely known for being the most prolific pedophile and pimp of underage sex-slaves in American history. For decades the billionaire was running a blackmailing operation—with apparent ties to intelligence—that documented the rich and powerful having sex with minors that he provided to them. He died in prison under extremely dubious circumstances before reaching trial. Few, it seems, believe he committed suicide and was rather murdered in his cell before he could implicate others in the highest of places.

For those unaware, on Tuesday ABC News anchor Amy Robach was exposed ‘on camera alleging that ABC killed her interview with Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.’

The unaired interview took place three years before Epstein’s arrest. During it, Roberts Giuffre apparently provided evidence which, along with Epstein, incriminated extremely powerful people connected to him, such as Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Bill Clinton and others.

It is unknown how many other underage girls were recruited and turned into sex slaves during the three years that ABC covered up the story, but that doesn’t seem to be the network’s concern.

Rather than issue an apology, after the Amy Robach tape was leaked to Project Veritas, ABC has been dedicating their efforts to finding the leaker, who they now believe was a former female employee who went to work for CBS after her tenure at ABC. At ABC’s command, CBS has been reported to have fired her.

UPDATE: The alleged ABC leaker, fired by CBS, has been revealed to be award winning producer Ashley Bianco. She has denied being the source of the leak and has told reporters ‘the leaker is still inside’ ABC. STORY HERE.

As the Daily Caller points out, the cover up and firing of employees for reporting these truths at ABC and CBS comes mere weeks after NBC was caught covering up another high profile rape story.

Investigative reporter Ronan Farrow released a book last month entitled Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators, in which he says he provides ‘proof and a paper trail’ which shows NBC’s efforts to kill a story detailing sexual-assault allegations against movie mogul (and close friend of the Clinton’s) Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein, the book submits, threatened to release information he had on NBC anchor Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct allegations, and in turn the story was killed.

This isn’t the first time these networks have tried to cover up elite sexual abuse allegations, wither. They’ve done before, and quite overtly.

For example, when Corey Feldman came forward a few years back on ABC’s the View and exposed a Hollywood pedophilia ring he and his fellow child-actors were abused in, rather than show her support for the brave admission, host Barbara Walters instead screamed in his face, ‘You’re damaging and entire industry!’

On that same token, View host Whoopie Goldberg is currently in the news for defending admitted rapist and filmmaker Roman Polanski’s heinous crimes by saying, ‘well it wasn’t rape rape,’ when in fact Polanski plead guilty of drugging and anally raping a child of thirteen-years of age.

Couple all of this information with the fact that every major news network is still culpable of covering up the real cause of Epstein’s death, or at the very least, refusing to investigate it properly—despite several reports that he was murdered from a coroner who witnessed his autopsy and fellow prison inmates—and these cover ups are par for the course.

They’re just more solid evidence that mainstream, corporate news is propaganda designed to control the lower classes while protecting the agendas and crimes of the ruling class.

It’s a wonder if there’s even any arguments to be made against this proposition anymore.

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