Extreme-Right Insanity: Wexit and the White-Nationalist Propagandists Behind it

By Danny C. | DCPeriodical | 11/06/19 |

Water-box-thingy drinker and blackface enthusiast Justin Trudeau may have lost a number of seats in the House in October, but his Liberal Party’s ability to stay on as a minority government after the Federal Election was enough to ignite right-wing hysteria in Western Canada.

In reaction to the election results, a movement that has been in the background for a while is now gaining traction and breaking though to the Canadian mainstream. A movement, it should be added, that is been monitored by anti-hate groups for good reason.

Combining the words ‘west’ and ‘exit,’ these neo-fascists have dubbed themselves ‘Wexit,’ and their mission is to separate Western Canada into a sovereign nation of its own.

While that sounds crazy enough, the amount of support Wexit is getting is even crazier. Its main Facebook page has jumped to more than a quarter-million members since the vote—a large sum of which who are leaving xenophobic rants, anti-socialist diatribes, baseless conspiratorial assertions, and calls for extreme violence, including murder, against their opposition in the comments sections; a number of those calls for murder aimed directly at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—few of these comments, go figure, containing any credible data, sound evidence, correct spelling or proper grammar.

Just yesterday, Peter Downing, one of the founders and spokesperson of the far-right movement, filed the paperwork with Elections Canada for ‘Wexit Alberta‘ to become a certified federal party—this just a day or two after he’d hosted a Wexit rally in Edmonton wearing the same blue ‘Make Alberta Great Again’ hat that most of the 700 attendees were donning.

The Founding Fathers

Peter Downing
Wexit founder Peter Downing sporting his ‘The West Wants Out’ hat while he propagandizes.

For a little background, Downing is your prototypical right-wing extremest.

Once an RCMP officer (now disgraced) in St. Albert, AB—where one memo had prosecutors conclude he had a ‘personal agenda inappropriate of an RCMP member’—today Downing’s job is to convince you that Canada is on its way to inevitable ruin at the hands of godless, socialist, liberals. This is why he spearheaded a fear-mongering billboard campaign throughout the 2019 election year—with funding from the Alberta Freedom Alliance—that urged onlookers in Edmonton to join the separatist crusade.

In Trump-like fashion, these billboards were typically made up of fear-based anti-Trudeau assertions, accusing the prime minister of such things as being a socialist/communist who is ‘undermining the family’ and ‘leading Canada to civil war.’ Aside from Trudeau’s ‘high taxes,’ the billboards also baselessly assert the prime minister is concentrated on ‘normalizing pedophilia.’

When asked how the PM is normalizing pedophilia, Downing replied that Trudeau’s father’s foundation once put out a report with a triangle on it, which he concludes looks similar to a triangular symbol released by the FBI in connection to a completely unrelated child trafficking investigation in the US.

Unfortunately for Canada, Downing has been involved on the extreme fringe of politics in one way or another for some time. His LinkedIn lists him as a political consultant, while in 2015 he ran as a federal candidate for the anti-LGBT and dangerously theocratic Christian Heritage Party (CHP), which openly campaigns for enacting repressive Christian doctrine as federal law.

It was on behalf of the CHP in 2015 that Downing wrote Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, requesting the city ‘work towards accommodating [bus driver Jesse Rau’s] religious beliefs’ after he lost his job for refusing to drive a bus ‘decorated in support of the city’s LGBT celebrations, which he genuinely felt violated his religious conscience.’

As for racism, well, Peter’s got that covered, too. He also used to be the spokesperson for the Prairie Freedom Movement, a far-right organization of zealots who believe ‘a healthy cultural respect for the Lord Thundering Jesus would solve a lot of our problems’—the first problem Canadians face being, according to the PFM, ‘political Islam.’

And that’s not all. Aside from being an unabashed xenophobe, homophobe, and religious fundamentalist, Downing’s also a convicted spousal abuser, who in 2010 lost his defense case (and an appeal) after his (now) ‘ex-wife testified he threatened to throw her out the window’ during one of their multiple domestic disputes.

Patrick King
Wexit co-founder and host of ‘Rollin with Pat and Jay’ tour Patrick King.

Right below Downing on the Wexit totem pole is Patrick King, a man who after little research appears to be nothing less than another pile of human garbage.

King is known in fringe circles for co-hosting the ‘Rollin’ with Pat and Jay’ tour, in which he and Jay Riedel—another outspoken racist from the Yellow Vest Movement—travel from town to town spreading white-nationalist sentiments to anyone who will listen, and unfortunately some do.

Some of Pat and Jay’s greatest hits include the unfounded claims that white people—who have ‘the strongest bloodlines’ out of all humanity—are under attack from the Canadian Government’s immigration policies, which were designed by the UN to ‘depopulate the Anglo-Saxon race’ by allowing unvetted Muslims into the country by the boatload; Muslims, they believe, who are undercover ISIS cells.

Of course, like all of their other fear-infecting assertions, these are groundless lies. In reality all immigrants are vetted in a lengthy process before being admitted to Canada as citizens, and less than half of one percent of them turn out to have criminal pasts. In statistical terms, that’s nothing. This, in case you haven’t caught on, is just plain old nationalistic, racially driven fear-mongering.

Those Connected to Wexit

For some time now, the Canadian watchdog collective known as Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) has been keeping a watchful eye on the ever-bolder extreme-right factions in Canada, such as convicted election-fraudster and white-nationalist Steven Garvey’s National Citizen’s Alliance Party, the Yellow Vests, the People’s Party of Canada, the Prairie Freedom Movement, to name a few, and now, they have their sights set on Wexit.

After examining the Wexit Facebook page, run primarily by Peter Downing, ARC has shown that the other admins listed are all connected to far-right, white-nationalist movements, and routinely post xenophobic material to their own private timelines.

Then there are some of Wexit’s outspoken supporters. Two in particular have caught ARC’s attention.

The first is Chris Hayes, who is associated with multiple hate groups. He was convicted in 2017 for continuously posting rage-filled Facebook posts in which he not only called for the shooting of Justin Trudeau, but stated in May 2016 that he was going to personally ‘go shoot this motherfucker dead’ himself.

The other, who is known in Alberta as ‘the shirtless Nazi,’ is an associate of Aryan Guard, and is pictured on ARC’s website heiling Hitler in ‘white pride’ celebrations.

Corporate Mainstream Support

While Wexit’s founders are bent on spreading the narrative that they’re an anti-globalist party from the west, it should come as no surprise that Peter Downing and co. are as of late re-posting corporate news articles to their social media by their biggest supporter in the east, Diane Francis.

Atlantic Council member, American-born, Canadian propagandist Diane Francis.

Francis is an American-born propagandist who has been editor of Canada’s National Post magazine since the late 90’s. She sits as a member of the Atlantic Council, a Ukrainian-tied globalist outfit known for interfering in electoral politics throughout the Americas and Europe. To give you an idea, it was the Atlantic Council which founded CrowdStrike, the firm used to cover up the source of the DNC/Clinton email leaks after the US’s 2016 Presidential Election, in turn blaming Russian hackers using foundationless evidence.

Francis’ ultra-conservative views couldn’t fit Wexit’s motivations any closer, which is why she has been fear mongering lately through the Financial Times, posting article after article that push the neo-separatist movement’s ideologies, while slamming all Canadian political parties on the left with a vengeance. According to Francis, ‘Canadians voted for a bunch of hypocritical greenies and their naive, suicidal platforms’ in the recent Federal Election. Because of this, she is convinced, or at the very least wants to convince the public, that Canada is headed for its ultimate doom.

Regardless of the fact Diane Francis sits on a notoriously globalist board in the east, the hypocritical team at Wexit has absolutely no qualms about her being their corporate news cheerleader, and happily accept the endorsement.

Cooler Heads Always Prevail

All in all, the people of Alberta do have reason to feel somewhat left out of Canadian politics—as do the people of BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba for that matter. They’re seriously concerned about their jobs market as they rely heavily on energy sector jobs, such as pipeline building and operating, to thrive. With the pipeline debate still very much up in the air, and without a climate-change-denying conservative government in place to throw caution to the wind and build those pipelines regardless of who’s land they encroach and pollute on, they feel ripped off. These are somewhat valid concerns that deserve discussion and debate within Canadian Parliament.

But let’s make no mistake about it. The Wexit movement is no way to go about it. It is, at its heart, a dangerous faction thought up and still driven by xenophobic right-wing extremists. To latch on to their wagon is basically a declaration of being a misinformed fundamentalist with fascistic tendencies, and this is something, I’m sure, many decent Western Canadians have neglected to realize after being bamboozled into supporting Wexit by the parts of its platforms they can relate to, such as dislike of carbon taxes and Western Canadian neglect in the face of what seem to be Eastern Canadian privileges. These decent people would do well to separate themselves from the overt fascists riding the Wexit train.

What’s ironic, or telling may be a better word, is that the pockets of Canada that have always boasted to be conservative ‘patriots’ are showing themselves to be anything but. They literally want to leave the country permanently, some even begging to join the United States. This, it should be readily apparent, is ridiculous. It’s simply a hissy-fit in reaction to losing an election.

Love or hate Justin Trudeau—I certainly didn’t vote for him—his party won, despite efforts to smear him through disinformation meme campaigns erroneously claiming the Liberals are ‘socialists’ ‘normalizing pedophilia’ and giving ‘millions of dollars to former ISIS members.’ These assertions have been thoroughly debunked, and we now know they were originating from nutcase white-nationalists. So it’s time to put them to rest.

Throughout the eighties and nineties we saw the violence and prejudice erupt throughout Quebec when separatist parties were formed. Let’s not lose our heads and make the same stupid mistakes all over again though this Wexit nonsense, especially now that we know what kind of people are behind it.

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